Christmas Come Early

Find these fab ornaments on our Christmas Shop section.  Customized and ship!

Find these fab ornaments on our Christmas Shop section.  Customized and ship!

Look, we know Halloween just came and went and we're still eating leftover candy BUT Christmas has come early ya'll.  We were just so excited to launch our newest box idea which is (although I know I sound like Chris Harrison with all of our new launches) "the most lovely gift ever."  

Shatterproof ornaments are uh-mazing.  We were super hesitant to give these a look because glass ornaments are just gorgeous but am so glad we did.  They look JUST like glass yet there are no dangers of wagging tails or toddlers making a royal mess with itty bitty glass shards if broken.  And of course, worst of all, breaking in transit--which we avoid at all costs.  We literally Peyton Manning across the room all of our packages to make sure they arrive just as we intended--perfect.   So if you didn't know about shatterproof ornaments, now you know.

Custom Ornament Christmas Gift

Next, we fill our fab ornaments with confetti because--well that's just what we do.  The vibrant jewel tone Mylar confetti sparkles with ease and is the perfect festive holiday blend of colors.  We then loop a black silk hanging ribbon to tie the whole thing together.

box designs.png

Finally, for all of you packaging nerds out there like me, our custom boxes are my fave.  Admittedly they are your standard cardboard box material but the custom print and design directly on the box gives the entire gift the WOW factor.  You get to choose the design, customize the wording and did I mention all for under $15!? 

These ornaments demonstrate a thoughtful way to give an affordable gift.  You can give them to teachers, girlfriends, grandparents, Secret Santas, or co-workers.  And definitely my UPS guy who delivers my Amazon packages (John E., 46, size 11 shoe -- Me and him go way back and he is lovely as he hides all evidence of my online shopping problem at the side door on Wednesdays when the hubs is off. Shhh.)

So there you have it folks, Christmas has come early and we've found -- the perfect Christmas gift.