The signature White Confetti Box is an all white, round hat-style box with your custom label applied to the lid.  The sturdy, high-gloss laminated exterior is a beautiful and quality finish.   

These boxes are trendy, sturdy and reusable.  We hope your White Confetti Box is enjoyed for years to come!



Each box is premium made and wrapped in a high gloss finish both inside and outside. 

These are made from heavy, rigid cardboard and can hold significant weight.

The lid will allow for a small white margin encompassing your custom label.


Signature Box (shown above)
9" x 4" round all-white gift box with 1.5" lid

Signature MINI
5" x 4.25" round all-white gift box with 1.5" lid

Large Premium
10" x 10" x 4.5" rectangular all-white gift box with foldover hidden magnetic closure lid


Absolutely Blown Away

“This was so far above my expectations.  White Confetti Box seriously saved the day!  The amount of detail that goes in to each box is not unnoticed.  I'm absolutely blow away. Thank you thank you! ”

— J.A.

Opening The Box is Magic

“I don't know how they do it but opening the box is like magic!  I can't wait to see the look on my future Mother-in-Law's face when she opens this.  This is so much better than I could have put together.”

— L.K.

Excuse to Order Again

“Can every day be an occasion so I can send this to everyone I know?! LOL This is my new go-to gift site.  Every one I've given this box to raves about how fabulous it is and I can't wait for my next excuse to order again!”

— J.Y.


Pop. Fizz. Clink!


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