How to remove the originals & add your fabulous New Labels


Store your labels in the original plastic sleeve and in a cool, dry place to avoid humidity.

YOUR LABELS ARE NOT REPOSITIONABLE and have a permanent adhesive.  I know this sounds somewhat scary but don’t overthink it.  Be precise, yet confident.

If you MUST reposition a label, be very gentle and slowly lift the corners to remove. Patience grasshopper. If you are not careful and slow you may damage your labels as the glue begins to adhere within seconds of the application.

It is important to make sure the surface you are labeling is dry and smooth.  If there is sticky residue from a previous label there will be bumps and lumps under your new, fabulous label.

Be sure to choose bottles that are perfectly symmetrical for the height of the label.  Your label is 3" tall and for 3” of your bottle you’ll want it to be perfectly symmetrical.  If you are using champagne, choose bottles that have wide, symmetrical bases.  If the base is too short or too curvy, it will wrinkle around the edges.  

We suggest these 187mL Champagne Mini Splits: Le Grande Courtage, Barefoot, Moët, Chandon, and Korbel to name a few!


All labels are created and applied differently to bottles with no rhyme, reason or partiality to expensive vs. cheap bottles.  Various labels will have some of you cursing White Confetti's name and others will think it was a breeze.  No matter the work involved, I promise it’ll be worth the look on their faces when you give them their fab bottles.  They often double-take as they think it was made for the bottle!

STEP A - First things first, grab a corner of the old label and slowly lift, continuing to adjust your grip.  The key with ANY label is to PULL AS SLOW AS POSSIBLE.  The slower you pull the more likely the adhesive will remove itself with the label and make your removal job much easier.  If the labels and old adhesive pull off easily, make yourself plenty of room and do a cartwheel, and then skip to STEP C.  If not, I’ll see you at the oh-so-fun-STEP B.

STEP B - Stop your kitchen sink, bathtub or fill a bucket with enough water to submerge the labels.  I would recommend using room temp water as to preserve the alcohol inside the bottle.  Next put 1T of baking soda (or Oxyclean) for every 2 cups of water in the bucket—or basically dump the entire box in your water.  Don't worry, you can't overdo it.  Agitate the water with your hand or spoon.  Let the bottles soak for at least a few hours—overnight is best however.  Often the labels will come off on their own but some may need a little help.  I typically use a butter knife scraping downwards while holding the bottle under water.  

STEP C - All sticky residues, if any, should be thoroughly removed prior to applying your new label.  Goo Gone®, nail polish remover, coconut oil, rubbing alcohol, and Magic Erasers® are all FABULOUS customer suggestions to remove stubborn adhesive and often conveniently found in your home.  Next, rinse and dry your bottle.  Windex your bottle to remove fingerprints if needed.  It is SUPER important that ALL oily residue is removed before applying.  Oil is one of the few liquids that can react with the toner and blemish your beautiful labels and also won't allow the adhesive to stick properly to the bottle.

Finally, make sure your hands are freshly washed (to remove oil from fingers) and sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and legs together.  Lay the bottle on your thighs and use two hands to apply the label.  You can apply it high, low, or somewhere in the middle depending on your preference however stay away from the curvy part of the bottle.  Your label will wrinkle around the edges if applied on a curve.

Once you have the label centered.  Apply the center and smooth one side.  Next pull the other side tight and begin to smooth from the middle out.   Voila!  Now pop, fizz and clink!